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Google Glass Review

February 14, 2014

Santiapps - Arduino (IoT), iOS, Android & Glass

Developing apps for Google Glass by Marcio Valenzuela Developing apps for Google Glass

I got my Glass a little late…but here is my review!

What they are?

You might think the answer is obvious, but its not.  Its a wearable computer but its not a full blown computer.  Does that make it less of a computer?  Not really, unless you consider ipads and iphones less than a computer because you can’t do ALL the things you can normally do on a full blown laptop.

What can you do with them?

Since we already mentioned you can’t do everything you can on a full blown computer, let’s talk about what we CAN DO!

Out of the box, Glass comes with a few commands such as those for taking pictures, recording video and a few others.  Out of these features, probably the coolest is taking pictures and videos handsfree.  This is very nice because holding the phone with a busy…

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