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Listening to Best Day of My Life by American Authors

I had a dream so big and loud,
I jumped so high I touched the clouds!
#ActivaTuVerano ☀️
I’m never gonna look back
I’m never gonna give it up
Please don’t wake me now!

Listening to Best Day of My Life by American Authors with Ana at Casa Del Arroyo

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How to manage multiple iOS devices within a single household


Recent research shows us that as high as 40 percent of iPhone owners keep their older phones around as a spare and an additional 20 percent give them to family members. With that many devices in the house, how one manages their accounts — and, more importantly, keeps track of their on-device purchases — can be a daunting task.

Here are some helpful tips for households faced with managing multiple Apple devices so they can stay on top of their iTunes purchases.

Limitations of a single iTunes account

iTunes accounts are limited to five authorized computers and ten iTunes in the Cloud devices. So what is the difference? The five authorized computers are capable of sharing their purchased iTunes content with other devices. You can ‘sync’ to an unlimited number of unmanaged devices like iPods or stream content to networked devices like the Apple TV using iTunes’ Home…

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Google Glass Review

Santiapps - Arduino (IoT), iOS, Android & Glass

Developing apps for Google Glass by Marcio Valenzuela Developing apps for Google Glass

I got my Glass a little late…but here is my review!

What they are?

You might think the answer is obvious, but its not.  Its a wearable computer but its not a full blown computer.  Does that make it less of a computer?  Not really, unless you consider ipads and iphones less than a computer because you can’t do ALL the things you can normally do on a full blown laptop.

What can you do with them?

Since we already mentioned you can’t do everything you can on a full blown computer, let’s talk about what we CAN DO!

Out of the box, Glass comes with a few commands such as those for taking pictures, recording video and a few others.  Out of these features, probably the coolest is taking pictures and videos handsfree.  This is very nice because holding the phone with a busy…

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Next iPhone reportedly sports a larger screen and sapphire crystal display


Want to Change The World? Join A Corporation

Want to Change The World? Join A Corporation

Apple working to slim its iWatch via intermittent Bluetooth LE connection?


Good Morning everybody! Wake up and smel

Good Morning everybody! Wake up and smell the…